Fashion is literally my oxygen.
Hello there, and welcome to my tumblr,my little online scrapbook.I'm Irnela, a fourteen year old living and loving in a small country,located in Southeastern Europe.This is my escape, where I keep an archive of photos that catch my eye and quotes that inspire.''people come,people go- they'll drift in and out of your life,almost like characters in a favourite book.when you finnaly close the cover,the characters have told their story and you start up again with another book,complete with new characters and adventures.then you find yourself focusing on the new ones,not the ones from the past''- a quote from nicholas sparks, the rescue. i love// family+friends,the beach,victoria's secret,romantic comedies,late nights,candice swanepoel,serenay sarikaya,frida gustavsson,ice cream,braided hair, shopping,nail polish, fries, milkshakes, interior design, chocolate, europe, food, starbucks, flowers, naps, sarcasm, travelling, pizza, life,ray-bans, good music,disney,paris,ME.

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